Sunday, November 13, 2016

Manage Your Bookmarks With Google

Are you looking for some proper way for manage bookmarks of your important websites there is a prefect solution .as usual most of people don't know to get real benefits from google products sometimes even you might be don't know.

in October  2005 Google Bookmark was launched by google incorporation for your convenience of managing bookmarks. Each and every web browser has been provided the convenience of saving bookmarks and you might be already using the facility of your web browser .but this is an ultimate solution .unlike saving links in your browser .

under this google tool your links are safe with your gmail account . Nobody can see your bookmarks and you can visit your favorite websites from any corner of the world in any PC through your google account in a jiffy .Next point is that in this tool you can save unlimited amount of bookmarks and categorized them under any label. then its so easy to find a link when you want to go back in few simple steps you can do it. 



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