Friday, May 26, 2017

Dreams Unlimited

Normally i like to read Short stories than big novels due to two reasons. one is i have no much time and the second is i'm very lazy to go l along large number of pages. any way in past year,actually i meant the 2016, i could read different kind of short short collection from a book of Mohan raj madawala called '' Dreams unlimited''.

he is a poet and journalist,and also the author of controversial novel ''Magam soliya''.this book has 10 short stories and all of them had been written by mohan in a different structure from the traditional base, some people say he follows the Magical realism structure for his writings .

and in other side he gets a big accuse of glorifying sex and eroticism from his writings.anyway i don't have any knowledge to criticize such artistic creation and only thing i know is this is a best collection of short stories i have read yet.




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