Monday, May 29, 2017

Milestones Of My Blogging Since 2008

Every new giant step has a small past step. if my remembrance is correct when this December of 2016. it's completing the 8th year of my blogging life from 2008.since then i had over 3 blogs under few different gmail accounts.

really i was crazy too much about blogging and wrote poems,stories,posted pictures and news on them .i always had wanted to write and to share my views and to show the things i liked and experienced in my life. but not to be a famous star.

i was pleasured on doing them.then i made a list of milestone of my Golden journey of blogging .i think it also will be a small guide to newbies .

2007- In 2007 it;s the first time i heard about Blogging. it is from the sri lanka's best ever PC magazine ''Pariganaka''.

2008 - I created my first blog under Google Blogger platform Called  ''econika'' .

2011- After long break i created my first singhala blog called ''virazonic''. and wrote about internet tools,hacking,and featured posts.

2011 - September - My singhala blog was listed in SBU (Singhala bloggers union) for syndication and got attention of other bloggers.

2011 - December - To the first time i learned to adding templates and edit XML codes. 

2012- March - I bought a full domain name for my blog through Google custom domain name system. it was called .

2012-September - i earned my first cash from my is for working in microworkers.

2013 - i had to keep a little stop to blogging due to my first job .

2014 - Restarted my singhala blog and listed under ''lankeeya sithuwili ''for syndication.

2015- Recreated my Singhala blog under wordpress platform .that was only for my Knowing of WordPress .

2016- Created the thinkspace .



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