Saturday, June 3, 2017

15 Google Tools You Must Know

Everybody knows that Google is the world's largest and most popular company that provides internet technology based services .in this era even we can't imagine a cyber world without google. It has been closed us such much to our life.

Google has hundred of tools and in this niche you can learn about 15 Google tools you may not have been known yet.most probably people all over the world had been accustomed to use only limited frequent google tools like Gmail,Google map,G-drive,google office collection and android store.

Google had provided us over 100 online tools in order to make easier our lives.anyway it's worth to discuss at least about 15 tools except above  tools we use frequently. - Google encrypted search are not archived in history and will not appear in auto fill in sub searches .

Google custom Search engine - Website owners able to make a search bar for search thair own web contents .

Google trends   - Find out trends of searches among periods .

Google wallet    - Send money anywhere in US - Known as Android Pay.

Google patents   - Search engine for patent.

Google Keep  - Note -taking service developed and lunched in 2013 .

Google inside search    - For a deep and comparative search .

Google analytic - Get full traffic and visitor report for your website.

Google Domains - Get trusty and safe domain for lowest price from google .

Google sites - Create ans share your own website.

Google link shorter - Short your long  links into small one and count clicks .

Google bookmark - Best way to manage your bookmarks .

Google street view -  Find  and watch over the world like real .

Google sky - Explore the night sky on your screen .

Conclusion - this is few of essential apps running by google . you can find many more through internet to get used . you can make comment on blow comment box to share your ideas and follow us on twitter,google plus and Facebook for get latest updates in internet.


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