Saturday, August 12, 2017

(PPAP) On youtube

Recently ''despacito'' became the most viewed video on youtube passing the grate hit of 2012 the ''gangnam style'' it's about 3.2 billion views during 8 monts approximately and gangnam style had only 2.9 billion views untill today.

for the second time despacito proofed that music has no any language barriers to enjoy in the bottom of now i'm not going  to furthre talk about both of them but another hit of a Japanese witch remade thousand of new parody videos songs around the world basing that hit..

Go to google and type PPAP. (pen pineapple apple pen) is a 20 words song that made by Japanese comedian kosaka dimaou AKA (Pikotaro).really this song has no meaning and it's just for fun. after publishing this video it was rapidly sprayed over social media. 

as my belief the simplicity of the concept of song and picotaro's style of dancing ware the reasons to popularity of the song .after justing bieber posting this video in his twitter with mentioning as his favorite video in internet,this was a fire.and picotaro was a populer face book meme character like ''Yo ming''  



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