Monday, August 7, 2017

''Asphalt 8 '' The Android Game

Normally i don’t play heavy games on my smart phone due to two reason, one is my smart phone has no heavy performance. it's a Huawei y6 pro with 1.3 Ghz 4 core processor with 2 GB ram .and other one is i did'nt like play games on my my previous experiences most of smart phones that I used ware got slow after installing heavy apps.

but now I’m playing the ‘’Asphalt 8’’ game has been developed by gameloft. So why am I now?😏 .on last Friday i watched a video clip that has been made by Chanux bro on his you tube channel. it was  about this ‘’Asphalt  airborne 8’’ game. In the video he has given a full attractive review about the game. 

previously I have played most of time .strategic type games like Rough assault, domination and clash of the clans ,but after watching his video about the game unconsciously I was directed to download it .really that was such much attractive and the game also excellent.the most happiest news is that you can play this game under low system requirements. 

A game with full adventures crazy journey to victory though high speed.nitro and barriers with Mania of kill… anyway that’s not harmful . So I invite you too, download the game and experience that feeling of  high speed . I have embedded the video of chanux bro for more details .



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