Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ordered Books From

Since the first time i watched the lolita1997 movie of adrian lyne witch filmed basing the masterpiece novel of Valamir nabokve'' lolita'' i had wanted to read the book.  i read many interpretations and philosophical reviews about Lolita that had been written in singhala.i could know that there was a singhala translation made by Mr K.K Saman kumara and Aravinda dissanayake ,but before about 18 years. i found it through many bookshops and libraries and finally it was useless exertion .

 in the first quarter of this year i saw a post had been shared on Facebook by a new book publication company called ''Ahasa publications'' with a list of few books that they are going to launch in near future. my pleasure the Lolita reprint was among them. i called to one of member of the publication team and got information about the reissuing and places that i can bye the book.then he infored me about online book store .pleasure to say that they had sent me the book with in two working days after placing the order . however i occupied Lolita  

indeed i need not want to make a discussion of Lolita .the translation of the book is a disasteršŸ˜©  but the online book store .in previously i had to go to bookshops in my nearest city ( kurunegala samudra or gunasena) for bay them . this is the first time i bought a book from online ordering and it is fast and safe. 

you can find over 3000 books in this store searching or finding through the drop down category list.after two days of ordering they delivered me and gave discounts also.everything is good only weak point is you can't read the book at the moment and there is on any introduction about books you can pay on your credit card ,online banking or vpp and cash on delivery of you don't have any banking solution.anyway totally satisfied. 



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