Friday, August 11, 2017

Oncoming New Facebook Video Features

Facebook users around the world are  now watching Facebook videos more than ever. in 2017 Facebook team have decided to develop important features on Facebook videos. in this new updates you will can enjoy and engaging in most convenience Facebook video experience . under this new update they expect to give you four main feature as below.

Videos with sounds on news feed

Most of people hope to play the sound on videos of new feeds when there device sound is turned on.previously Facebook videos ware played in silent mode, you have to tap on the video to hear the sound.under this update you will can fade in or fade out the sound or make settings to disable the automatic sound hearing of the video.

Watch and scroll 

This might be the most essential feature that introduced in this new update.imagine,when we are watching a Facebook video, at the same time we want to scroll to see new near future will possible to minimize the video you are watching and keep the video in a corner of the phone while you are watching other feeds.If in an Android device you can ran the video even you are exit from the Facebook app to do any other thing of the phone .in addition to you can scroll through the video timeline in order to the find a place that you want to watch.

Facebook video App for TV

In last year Facebook launched the ability of steaming Facebook videos to Televisions,in this year they are going to launch a new App for direct Facebook steaming for TV with new features for Apple TV and for Samsung Smart Tv. in near future it will come with many platforms.

Vertical videos 

You will can expand vertical videos over the phone easily.

You will experience all above new Facebook video modes in near future,.any way you can make comments in below comment box for share your ideas and follow us on twitter and google plus for get updates about latest things happening in the world of Internet.
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