Friday, March 30, 2018

6 Most Addictive Websites On Internet

New statistics reveal the majority of the people who are using the internet are involving in social media activities like sharing  and uploading videos and pictures and chatting with others using Popular Social media platforms like Facebook twitter etc.

most of them are not underemployed people or teenagers. according to new researches  social media is a some kind of addictive fact that influences to human lifestyle from bad ways in there day to day life.

there are many internet apps that you can get enjoy and be growth with knowledge.then i made a list of joyful and important web  apps witch allows you to spend your free time
effectively .  

StumbleUpon is a Social bookmarking site that allows you to read millions of web pages witch selected by human vote .you can read web articles and watch videos that divided over 300 categories .in addition you can add any web page you like and rate others web pages and meet people.   

Actually,Tumbler is a blogging format like wordpress and Blogspot. if you like to make your own blog for share your opinions and moments of life with others, tumbler is an easy platform.anyway you may not want to be a blogger .but you can read millions of others attractive blog posts on tumbler . 


one of most populer news website witch founded by pete cashore in can read latest articles of technology,science,business,entertainment and social version is available for smart phones.

A question-answer web application witch founded Adam de anjelo on 2009. Ask your important  questions form word wide audience and get answers from experienced persons. at the same time help to others with replying from your experiences.

A social club for music lovers.lisnt to millons of songs from sound cloud and upload your own tracks,like comment and meet other music lovers who has same taste.

Conclusion -  keep a limit for your social media usage and experience the knowledge media for your future.