Reuters Online Course For Digital Journalism

Reuters, a well-known international news service, has started an online course on digital media. 

Now citizen media is very advanced. Due to the emergence of social media such as Facebook and YouTube and content management systems such as blogs, journalism has now become something owned by citizens. 

Therefore, people have now become journalists. This course will be important for those who are currently engaged in journalism, those who are interested in journalism as well as university students.

This course will consist of 05 modules as below

  • Digital News Gathering
  • Verification And Reporting
  • Publishing Effectively On Social Media
  • Wellness And Resilience
  • Operating As Independent Media In A Turbulent World

This includes important principles and knowledge about digital Journalism. You can visit the following website to register for this course. 

Where Is The Root Of Our Religious Devotion ?

We are living in an age where there will be various kinds of discussions about religions. In the past, people strongly believed in the concept of religion, but in this era, that belief has been challenged. 

The main reason for that is science. Today, science is extremely advanced. Science has advanced enough to make religious practices just a bunch of nonsense. But there is a problem. 

No matter how scientific, secular or rational we are as human beings, it is difficult for us to deviate from religious concepts and beliefs. What is the reason for that? I have a source where I can study this better. 

That is the book Civilization and its Discontents written by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. In this book, Freud writes very clearly what creates the religious devotion of people. That is the helplessness of man. 

According to his study, sorrow has become the absolute silence of human life. If this is explained further. Almost everything we do in our life leads to the phenomenon of sorrow or pain. So we unconsciously know that no matter what we do, it will end in sadness. 

We are always waiting to fall into this abyss of sadness. So we always need someone or something to save us. Or we believe in something that we think will help us. This void can only be filled with religion. 

Because of this, there comes a time when even a non-religious person believes that someone will help him. Maybe he is someone from outside this world. Or it can be someone who is not caught by our physical dimensions. Believing in someone who can save you from your helplessness starts with the helplessness of the human soul.

How Power Works According To Michel Foucault

The French philosopher Michel Foucault added a new dimension to the phenomenon known as power .His concept of power Innovation. 

Power changed the morphological format that had existed until then. We conceptualized power as an authoritarian mechanism that is overthrown by a higher authority. 

But according to Foucault, power is ubiquitous and is not something but a power relation is on these power relations that all subtle relationships in society operate.

Let us consider this example because of a written law. If it is a written law, then it belongs to the old fashioned way of exercising power .It is like the law of worship before the king. 

People often think of it as slavery, making it difficult to control the organizational structure. That is to say, the superior employee is the one who gives divinity as a savior / brother or guide .Especially in private institutions This is one of the reasons why junior members of training programs are motivated.

Is the emergence. (The greatest threat to the very existence of the institution is the questioning of authority.) The power relationship that arises between the superior employee and the inferior employee is not an old-fashioned master-slave relationship but a transcendental one.

It is only after such a situation that the temptation becomes stronger instead of applying force directly. In the post - modern age we are living in, people are people who do not want to submit to any authority, even for a fair wage.

Managers who throw files and scold employees and point fingers are no more. Instead, there are now managers who call themselves Dude or Bro. Because in this age of managers who execute power directly in the old way

He often has to be hospitalized. But the power that comes through seduction can easily enslave the lower worker. Here again, it is important to look at the concept of dialogue. The power relations of a particular society work according to how the various discourses function in that society.

discourse is the system of ideas about something or concept in a society. Eastern man is vulgar because Western man is importantly over-determined in the discourse of civilization.

This is why Eastern man considers his society to be undeveloped. It is on this basis that the power relationship between Eastern man and Western man is activated. However, the basic point we need to understand is that power is not a top-down force, but a discourse-based relationship that works between us.