09 March 2023

Nazi's Hate For Jews

This is a historic and controversial photograph taken by Jewish photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt on 1933 ,during a league of national conference at the carton hotel in Geneva.

Photograph represents the third leader and propaganda mister Joseph Goebbels of Hitler's Nazi regime looking at the Jewish photographer with pure hated eyes.

In the picture, Joseph Goebbels is grabbing the arm of chair with the total power of his body while controlling his Jewish anathema.  this was most unflattering image taken of hi-ranked Nazi figure. 

Something About Antimicrobial Resistance

AMR stands for Antimicrobial Resistance. Simply put, an antibiotic is a class of drugs that work against bacteria, viruses, and parasites that cause disease.

Here, as a natural evolution, the related micro-organisms have evolved to be able to act against antibiotics. In general, it is going away without asking for medicine. Antibiotic resistance has been on the rise since the 1970s and is now considered to be the greatest health threat the world community will face in the future. Accordingly, food poisoning and blood poisoning will become fatal conditions without the effectiveness of antibiotics.

It will take a lot of time to cure non-dangerous infections and it will also have to incur high costs. In the future, if the bacterial strains become resistant to these drugs, chemotherapy, organ transplants, cesarean surgeries etc. will be uncertain in the future.

According to the survey done by Jim'O nail about AMR, only seven lakh people will die due to this in the future and if proper measures are not taken, it is said that 10 million people will die from this by the year 2050. However, there are various disagreements about these statistical data because there is currently no monitoring system to deal with this situation. AMR is really a natural biological phenomenon.

Some microorganisms such as viruses, by their nature, can continue to survive by being exposed to the action of those drugs. Also, they have the ability to transmit the resistance to that drug to others. However, as is often the case in Sri Lanka, a side effect of taking antibiotics at will and unnecessarily is that this process is faster.

When antibiotics are used, the virus is killed without changing the gene that causes the virus to adapt to the drug. After this viral replication, the next generation of viruses is produced as resistance to the previous drugs. Some viruses and bacteria can pass these drug resistance genes to others, while others can distribute a cluster of resistance genes to others.

In the past, the rapid development of this AMR situation has been greatly influenced by the misuse and misuse of antibiotics in humans and commercial animals. In commercial animal husbandry, farm owners run farms without proper cleaning, resulting in excessive antibiotics being given to sick animals.

As a side effect, a large amount of viruses can interact with antibiotics and allow the generation of inhibited virus generations. The other current here is the spread of superbugs or antibiotic-inhibited microorganisms on a large scale due to the fact that drug companies direct our antibiotic production liquid to water sources. However, the world community will definitely have to face the impact of this in the future.

06 March 2023

02 February 2023

05 World Renowned Books You Must Read

Many people like to read books. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to watch movies. Because our busy lifestyle has limited our freedom and taste. In fact, in this age, watching the movies is more time-saving than reading Harry Potter books. 

However, my personal opinion is that, a film does not offer the same level of enjoyment as a book. Movies are a separate art form. Personally, I am a very large user of books. 

Therefore, I am writing this article to give a clue about some very excellent works among the large number of books that I have read. 

It is my feeling that each of these books are very well accepted in the world literature. Moreover, all these books are written by world renowned authors. Let's talk about this list of books now.


This Lolita book was written by a Russian writer who immigrated to America. That writer’s name is Vladimir Nabakov. The background of this story is a love relationship between a middle-aged professor and a teenage girl. 

This novel is also known as the most controversial novel of the 20th century. 

The reason for this the love relationship takes place between daughter  and step father . In America, this story is even censored one time. 

This is also known as a supreme creation of erotic literature. In 1997, a film based on this novel was presented by the director Adrian Leen. 

Based on this novel, a great academic and psychoanalytical discourse was raised as no one could imagine. I give a rate of 09/10 for this book 

Hero Of Our Time

Published in 1840 by the Russian writer Mikhail Lermantov. this psychological novel is considered a unique creation of Russian literature. Here, the life story of a young army officer named Pechorin witch has a mysterious character. it reveals by a third party man (writer). 

It is said that there was a huge demand for this book when it was released, because many people wanted to know who this hero was. 

He brought misfortune to everyone . he is a charmer and lives a lonely life. His life story is all over this book. It is up to you to decide if he is a hero or a villain. However, this is one of my favorite books. I give a rating of 09/10 for this book.

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Written by the excellent writer named Gabriel garzia marquez, this is one of the great and thrilling novels I have read. It is based on a brutal human murder that happened 20 years ago. The person named Santhiyago nazar is killed in this way. 

He is killed by two of his own friends. Almost two decades later, an anonymous character begins to investigate the root cause of this murder. 

Critics had introduced this as a creation that seriously questions human morality. I personally felt this story as an amazing creation with a very hidden secret message. There is fear and curiosity throughout the story. 

While reading this, you will surely have an experience similar to watching a movie. I rate this book 9.5/10.

The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin

This is a book of short stories written by Alexander Pushkin, who is considered the father of Russian literature. It consists of five very interesting short stories, all of which are told by a military officer named Ivan Petrovich Belkin. 

He is the main fictional character of this book. The shot, the blizzard, the undertaker,the station master and squire’s daughter are the five stories included. Russian society and environment before 200 years is represented here. I give this a rate of 08/10.

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a book by George Orwell, a famous England author. Many of his writings have a political connection. (1984) is his most famous political novel. Some people say that Animal farm is a youth and children novel. 

 but my opinion is that, it is a very powerful political comedy novel. A group of animals revolutionized a farm and kicked out the people and started a new regime. Pigs lead the revolution. But unexpectedly, the control of the pigs goes back to a dictatorship. 

That is the story here. This is a very interesting novel that can be read very enthusiastically. I give this a rate of 09/10.

I have read the above books several times. I felt a new experience every time. If you are a book reader, you may have already read at least one of these books. 

Because these 05 books are the mark of universal literature. They are popular books. So tell me your thoughts about this. If this article is good, share it with others

23 January 2023

How To Show only Post Title At Blogger Home

Google's Blogger is the easiest platform for everyone to run a personal blog  . In Google Blogger, you have been provided with all the necessary facilities to run a blog. but it is not  powerful as the popular WordPress blogging platform. 

blogger has not been given much plugins or other site modification tools like WordPress. then we have to use some CSS and Java Script codes modifications in order to change the appearance of the blog .

now , many bloggers has accustomed to use minimalist themes to run a blog. in WordPress, unlimited minimalist themes are there to use. but blogger has not. if you wish to give a super minimalist look to your blog ,you can do it with a simple CSS code.  

In this article, I will teach you to modify your blog to show only post title in the home page . this simple CSS Code helps us to update the blog in that way. i have provided the required code below. you can update the code step by step as follows without any coding knowledge.

  • At first download this CSS code and follow below steps 
  • Login to your blogger account and visit Theme tab → Click the Drop down menu
  • and click  Edit HTML
  • Click on the code window and Press CTRL+F
  • Find the </head> tag 
  • Copy the downloaded code and paste just above the </head> tag and save your template

22 January 2023

Why Did I Start to Write A Day Plan

Personally, I do not like to be busy all the time. i work normally 5 days a week. So , a holiday is a very special day for me. i also especially like to sleep, watch movies or have fun .I did not see anything wrong with getting more leisure time .but time is never something to be wasted. because the time that has passed in our lives will never come back to us.

I'm pretty much aware of this after looking back on the life I lived during the covid epidemic. we were confined to our homes for weeks .i did not know what to do with it. according to my mobile phone app, i used to spend more than 8 hours on social medias like Facebook and Youtube on some days.

I had some guilt about my time spending. It was then that I started planning my holidays according to a shecdule.so, In this short article i will tell you about how I planned to spend my vacation time productively. this will definitely be very important for you.

This is a very simple method. first i bought a small notebook. then at the beginning of the day i start writing the list of tasks that need to be done and completed within the relevant day. i  sorted the list by priority. after the relevant work is done, I mark it as a completed task.

Your success during the day is to finish the to-do list somehow. See the list below for an example. here is my holiday plan for 2022/03/06.

Day Work list _ On 06/03/2022

  • Work Out (30min)
  • Article Translation
  • Watch Peaky blinders (Ep 04/05)
  • Read Book (My French Whore) Chap -04/05/06
  • Clean The Room (30min)
  • Political Reading (Zizek Article)
  • Clean And Wash The Car (45min)
  • Write Blog post

I set a time target for some of the tasks here .then i able to complete the task within a specific time frame. for example, setting about 30 minutes to workout will help you minimize unnecessary time spending .

the biggest benefit i get from this method is self-satisfaction and stopping procrastination. the satisfaction that comes from choosing that your day was not wasted in vain is boundless .

If you do not finish a task for any unavoidable reason, do not regret about it . you can start the day works doing the unfinished task on last day . this method will help you to spend a holiday useful. you can use this method not only for holydays or weekends but your working days.