24 June 2018

Collage Art

Since few time ago, i was looking for do some artistic thing in my leisure time in addition to blogging .i tried many things, but i couldn't do them successfully most of time. few days ago i saw some creations had been done and posted in Tumbler that can do easily with discarding old magazines called "collage".i saw many beautiful creations.

all of them had been made basing some creative idea .i think this collage should be the art of photo editing in 70's or before .because in that era we had not well developed software's like Photoshop. but the imaginative people have done this for express some idea through collage.

To make a collage,you need just need some clear images that separated from old magazine or news paper, and big imagination with glue .you will understand after seeing below images that what i saying this enthusiastically .

collage art is easy to do with graphic software's also.only thing is ability to handle the graphic tool.i tried to do one with Photoshop,but i was fail due to my low power PC and lack of my knowledge to handle such professional tool.

but i could find an alternative to crop and separate images called photoscissors .you can download free or use online version through this link.www.photopea.com is the online photo editing tool witch you can use to combine cropped photos 

any way ,i'm  trying to do my own collage with these tools and i already fetched some old magazines to do a live one.