25 January 2023

05 Tips to Avoid The Social Media Addiction

I don't need to introduce you to what social media is. With the rapid development of web technology, social media became very close to human lives. this has affected so much that now it has become a part of our lives. However, in my personal opinion, being a slave to social media is not very good because it takes our lives beyond reality.

Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram are the most used social networks. think carefully. how much time do we spend on social media a day? can we recover that time? No. many people know very well that this is a kind of addiction. but they are finding it difficult to get out of it.

 In today's article, I am going to discuss about how to gradually withdraw from social media addiction. The steps are given below.

Count the time you spend on social media

First, find out how much time you spend on social media. facilities for this is available in your Android or Apple phone applications. think about it, if you spend an hour a day, that's thirty hours at the end of a month. In a year it is 360 hours. 15 days in days. 

how long is 15 days of your life? I know very well that this time is more than two hours if you are a millennial. First, calculate the time you are wasting. 

Note down which social media you spend the most time on and gain insight into what you are doing there. (For example, watching videos / commenting). Once we get this understanding, we can create the necessary background to get rid of this habit.

Control Notifications and remove from unnecessary groups

Social media is not just a habit or an addiction, it's an attraction . what a social media website always does is keep its users engaged on it. That's when websites become active and powerful. A notification is an invitation. 

these websites work to notify you when an incident occurs in your account. For example, when you receive a message or a comment, you will be notified immediately. Even if you are engaged in other work, a notification sound or symbol can grab your attention.

even if you don't know it, you will be drawn back to the mobile phone. therefore, adjust the settings so that you do not show these notifications in the background of the mobile phone. Get out of unnecessary groups.

Set a goal

It is true that getting rid of social media is not always possible. Because it is now a part of our lifestyle. But this habit keeps us away from many things we should do in our life, such as watching a good movie, friends (real), family and relationships, environment, art and books. 

set yourself a goal. If you are someone who surfs social media for 3 hours a day, set a goal to gradually reduce it to one hour. They are easy to do. use the remaining time in any other useful work of your choice. 

for example, read a book, write a poem, have a conversation with a friend, etc. Gradually reduce the time you spend on social media.

Devote yourself to some other useful activity

as soon as you get off social media, you may feel isolated. As I mentioned earlier, social media is functioning as a kind of mental bribery. Through social media, we can temporarily absorb the pain from the outside world. 

that is a sociological issue that needs to be discussed separately. So what we need to do is to find an alternative. For that, broaden your enjoyment. Start reading new books. Do new creative things. Plant a plant. Turn to things like math problems and puzzles.

Delete Social media apps

finally, if you can, cancel all social media accounts and get off them. In some cases, you may not be able to do the same. For example, nowadays companies use networks like Whatsapp to communicate with their employees. Then we cannot fully accept these. However, you can control it according to your preference.