23 January 2023

How To Show only Post Title At Blogger Home

Google's Blogger is the easiest platform for everyone to run a personal blog  . In that, you have been provided with all the necessary facilities to run a blog. but it is not  powerful as the popular WordPress blogging platform. 

blogger has not been given much plugins or other site modification tools like WordPress. then we have to use some CSS code modifications in order to change the appearance of the blog .

now , many bloggers has accustomed to use minimalist themes to run a blog. in WordPress, unlimited minimalist themes are there to use. but blogger has not. if you wish to give a super minimalist look to your blog ,you can do it with a simple CSS code.  

In this article, I will teach you to modify your blog to show only post title in the home page . this simple CSS Code helps us to update the blog in that way. i have provided the required code below. It can be updated step by step as follows.

  • At first download this CSS code and follow below steps 
  • Login to your blogger account and visit Theme tab → Click the Drop down menu
  • and click  Edit HTML
  • Click on the code window and Press CTRL+F
  • Find the </head> tag 
  • Copy the downloaded code and paste just above the </head> tag and save your template